Fare Thee Well, 12 O’clock Studios

Today, it is three years ago to the month that 12 O’clock studios weighed anchor – an adventure of unprecedented magnitude for all of us who have been involved in it. Over the past 36 months we have experienced the full spectrum of highs and lows that one might expect to come with game development – or any entrepreneurial venture for that matter. To be frank – there’s been a whole lot of them (both highs and lows) we did not expect, as well. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that our greatest high came some four months ago, as we finally saw The Horror at MS Aurora sail out into the world on Desura, shortly followed by Just Adventure.

The road from concept to product to release has been one of many adventures and experiences, where lifelong friendships have been forged, and invaluable knowledge and experience gained – but all, of course, at a cost. Today, we’ve finally had to accept the fact that our three-years adventure has generated more costs, and thus a greater – and more urgent – debt for our beloved company than what our product can possibly hope to contend with – and thus, we have no other choice but to put a full stop at the end of the grand adventure that has been 12 O’clock Studios.

If releasing our first game was our greatest high, then this is still not by far our greatest low, however – though the ending was not what we hoped for, the journey is, and will always remain, what made it all worth it. We would like to extend our deepest and warmest thanks to everyone who’s helped and supported us along the way of this adventure, and to everyone who’s helped make The Horror at MS Aurora a reality – truly, you guys rock, and we would never have made it this far without you. Same goes for everyone who’s bought, played, watched, written about, reviewed, let’s played, up-voted, shared, re-tweeted, or even seeded one of the torrents – you guys were the whole reason we made the game in the first place, and we sincerely hope that you have, and will continue to, enjoy it.

As we, the company, go into this gentle night, we would like to offer these parting thoughts: as much as this is an end, it is also a new beginning (word to the wise is to look out for the words “Autumn House”, “Afterimage” and “What do robots dream of?” in the near future). Games is part of who we are – and it is safe to say that no matter where we all end up, we will always be working on making more of them – whether that is together or apart, only time will tell. To then finally say farewell, we have kindly borrowed the words of H.P. Lovecraft:

“That is not dead which can eternal lie,
yet with stranger aeons, even death may die.”

- The Team

Many cool things happening!


It’s been a crazy couple of days. Since the game was released we’ve been sent several links to YouTube playthroughs of the game, along with several cool articles and reviews. We also have another exciting announcement: We are now also available on JustAdventure.com!

So if Desura isn’t your thing, you can purchase the game right here.

We also just released the soundtrack from the game, so if you enjoyed the music, be sure to pick up a copy!

We can’t thank you guys enough. You are all the reason why we made this game, and it means so much to us that you enjoy it. We’ve heard from so many of you, either through emails, comments on our Desura page, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or articles. We thought we’d list some of the people currently talking about The Horror at MS Aurora here.

Thank you so much, everyone.

YouTube playthroughs of the game (so far!)

(Please be aware that all of these videos contain spoilers, so if you want to experience the game for yourself, buy it before you watch!)

Articles about the game

We know for a fact that other people are currently working on playthroughs and reviews of our game, and it is incredible in so many ways. Thanks again everyone for your continued support!

// The devs

The game is out!

We have finally released our game! It is out on Desura, and you can find it right here for €5.

It has been quite a ride for us.

Our journey began in 2011, and we’ve been working very hard since then, trying to bring our vision to you. Now, at last, we can proudly say that we have made something we are very proud of, and we hope that you will enjoy it. Thank you very much for being patient with us – we know that it took us a long time to get it done.

It’s finally time for MS Aurora to weigh anchor.

The Horror at MS Aurora

If you liked the music from the game, the soundtrack has been released as a digital download on multiple platforms. We could only set the price ourselves for some of them, so if you for example prefer to buy your music through iTunes we apologize for the steep price.

The Bandcamp album is the cheapest alternative and also comes with the added bonus of the beautiful back cover courtesy of Emma Grahn. This is the link to the album’s store page:


The soundtrack can also be found on these platforms (just do a search for the game name and it should pop right up!):

Apple iTunes
Amazon MP3
MySpace Music
Muve Music
Slacker Radio
Samsung Music Hub
Beyond Oblivion
Mondia Media
JB Hi-Fi
Google Music Store
Xbox Music


The Horror at MS Aurora will be released Monday 2/9 2013

We are finally releasing The Horror at MS Aurora! It’s on Desura!
You can pre-order it here: The Horror AT MS Aurora on Desura
Thank you everyone for your support, and thanks all of you people who have been working with us or in other way helping us out in times of need. Everyone who’ve played a part in making sure that The Horror at MS Aurora finally can be on her way out on open waters.
Former members, girlfriends, family. Sparbanken i Karlshamns Näringslivsstiftelse, Almi företagspartner, Blekinge Business Incubator.

Thank you. All of you.

Here follows the official release.

12 O’clock Studios are releasing their Lovecraftian Adventure/Horror game “The Horror At MS Aurora”  Monday (2/9, 2013) on Desura. The game revolves around a small crew on a boat from Norway to Massachusetts, and its cargo. The goal has been to deliver a short, cinematic experience with focus on interaction and exploration rather than combat.

The Horror at MS Aurora is an adventure/horror game with a focus on being a short and cinematic experience with interactive cutscenes and a score performed by the Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra. It revolves around a small crew onboard a container ship that sets off from Bergen, Norway, heading towards Plymouth, Massachusetts. During the game the player will face the isolation and terror of being caught up in something terrible at sea.

The Horror at MS Aurora is developed by 12 O’clock Studios, a small studio residing Karlshamn, a small port town in Sweden. From the beginning the team consisted of around 10 people, but due to internal strife and the way life sometimes sneaks up on you while you least expect it they are now down to two people.

Parts of the soundtrack for The Horror at MS Auroras is conducted by Bernhard Wünsch, performed by the Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra and composed by Fredrik Häthén. The rest of the soundtrack is composed, arranged and mixed by Fredrik Häthén. The story of the Horror at MS Aurora was  written by Victor Dahlqvist.


For additional information, pictures and videos on the Horror at MS Aurora, contact Fredrik or Victor by replying to this e-mail or feel free to use our presskit ( http://twelveoclockstudios.com/press/ ), which includes more screenshots, logos, videos and a two part interview with Fredrik and Victor about the development process.

About 12 O’clock Studios

12 O’clock Studios is a Swedish independent game studio founded in January 2011. The focus is on creating short, immersive, powerful, interactive stories. The studio is housed at the Blekinge Business Incubator and The Game Incubator Network. Business relations with Imagination Studios and Dynamedion were successfully engaged for the motion capture and symphonic orchestra recordings of the score for The Horror at MS Aurora


Fredrik Häthén
Music Composer, Sound Designer
Twitter: @FredrikHathen
Email: contact@twelveoclockstudios.com

Victor Dahlqvist
Story, Design
Email: contact@twelveoclockstudios.com

Official Channels:
Desura: http://www.desura.com/games/the-horror-at-ms-aurora
Twitter: @12OclockStudios
Facebook: facebook.com/TheHorrorAtMSAurora
Web: twelveoclockstudios.com
Presskit: http://twelveoclockstudios.com/press/

The Horror at MS Aurora – Press Release

At long last, it’s time for us to emerge out of our lair and show you what we’ve been up to all this time.

First up, we’re really proud to have signed a deal with the great people at Epic Games to license Unreal® Engine 3, and we’ll be using their technology for years to come. This is great news for us. We’re very comfortable with the tools and we can leverage a lot of power. Indeed, it packs a lot of punch! The tools encourage us to find our own style and enable us to experiment with our aesthetics quick and without fuzz.

Second piece of great news; we’ve got a trailer for The Horror at MS Aurora up on YouTube. See it with your own eyes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZzgOwYN81k

What’s the plan now? We still have a couple of weeks before Aurora is ready to set sail for PC. We’re stomping out some unwanted bugs in the cargo, polishing the deck, and making sure she’s as waterproof as, eh, maybe I should stop with the boat gags… Needless to say, we’re so close we can taste it!

We’re going to fill you in on more specific information, along with more visual and auditory terror during these last weeks.

Expect us to make noise.

// Calle Leppäjoki – Producer

Aurora On Her Way

It’s been a very long time since MS Aurora weighed anchor from Bergen, Norway (and, simultaneously, from Karlshamn, Sweden). We here at 12 O’clock Studios have worked long and hard on the game, overcoming obstacles and finding new ways to solve issues that have cropped up (because they always do).

This is just a small update to inform you that the ship is still sailing. We are still working just as hard and the only reason why we haven’t shown you anything substantial yet is because we want to wait just a little bit longer until we’re ready. It’s all about showing you the best we have, and we are so very close to that goal now that we can almost taste it. Soon enough you will be able to see what we’ve been working on.

This update is also our way of telling you that we will be posting more information very, very soon. We have many interesting tidbits of information to share with you and it’s all very exciting, but for various reasons we can’t actually talk about any of it yet.

So, hang on! We’re still on our way, and so is MS Aurora.

Heading for certain trouble… but in a good way!

Post #2: Something wicked this way comes…

Wow. Things have been moving so fast at the office that we’ve hardly been able to keep track ourselves. We have been dealing with several changes and experiments to The Horror at MS Aurora. Very soon – we are hoping within the week, maybe next – we’re going to start showing off our work. We’re just dealing with some paperwork that needs to be in place first. The excitement at the office is palpable! We won’t leave you empty handed though. We will leave you with this nice piece of news – our very talented composer (Fredrik Häthén) did a mammoth task of mixing the entire soundtrack – again. To make sure that the aural experience is just right.

Check out his portfolio here: http://soundcloud.com/fredrikhathen

We’ll keep you updated here, and on facebook, and Twitter.

Post #1:

The new webpage is up! And with it comes an exciting time in the development of the Horror at MS Aurora – we’re currently working on some promo material – like screenshots, and a delicious teaser trailer that’ll be available very soon. We’re also, at long last, in beta and will be testing the game like crazy. Want in on the fun? Make yourself heard, and we might send you a copy!